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  • MultiLinkCRM an amazing program at an incredible price without monthly payments.

    All the functions you need without monthly payments.

    En la nube
  • Easily create your own custom posters for the showcase of your real estate agency, it includes QR code's'.

    Crossing of demands with the property portfolio.

    Despega las gestión de inmuebles
  • 100% configurable CRM! Without subsequent monthly payments commitments.

    MultilinkCRM is easily adapted to your area or country, create your own types of properties, custom posters, reports, ...

    Gestión adaptada
  • Fully integrated with the Internet and with the online world.

    The information will always be on your computer, nobody but you will have access to it.

    Sus datos en local o en la nube
  • English version coming soon!

    MultiLinkCRM Real Estate software.

    Sus datos en local o en la nube
The best quality/price ratio of any Real Estate CRM.

If you want to open a Real Estate or want to upgrade your current software, MultilinkCRM will offer you a property management software with everything you need and no further payment obligations. Your company will NOT need either plans or monthly or annual payments.

Google calendar© Syncronization, e-mail marketing tool, Web export, Wordpress integration, ...

Our Real Estate property management system is a professional CRM in constantly evolving and fully integrated with the Online World, which will allow you to manage contacts, real estate portfolio, crosses, poster creation and printed information. You can see more information in this video:
VIDEO: Property Management Module

If you need a website for your Real Estate, you can upgrade MultilinkCRM, for only 100€/year more you will contract a Linkserver Web. The annually payment includes MultiLinkCRM license, it will be fully integrated with the management program and can be activated almost immediately, without long waits.

Would you like to know what MultiLinkCRM makes? You'll be surprised.
Is it only for PC? Can I use MultilinkCRM from the Internet in a remote access?
Example of how to integrate WordPress and MultiLinkCRM.
How to set GMAIL account in MultiLinkCRM.
Web offer for Real Estate Linkserver.

NOTE: Older versions of MultiLink have been discontinued, the only version that is supported for Windows 7, 8 and 10 is MultiLinkCRM.
Exportación de inmuebles al portal

MultiLinkCRM a Real Estate software

A Real Estate program that unifies everything you need to manage your properties and customers:

  • Catchment Management / Associate.
  • Real Estate Web Synchronization.
  • Control of contacts and properties.
  • Searches, properties and clients crossings.
  • Customer Demands.
  • Fully customizable reports.
  • Management of seasonal rental.
  • Management of advertising.
  • Automatic Update of the Program.
  • Emailing, Bulk Email tool, SMS's send.
  • Integration with MS Outlook ©, connection to FaceBook ©, etc.

CWith our experience, we have achieved a product adaptable to any Real Estate market and the particularities of your country.

Multilink, Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM screens