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  • MultiLinkCRM customized for you.

    Available in versions for: Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, other countries to follow.

    Software Real Estate Profesional
  • New e-mail marketing tool

    Create your own e-mail campaigns, contact address list management, customizable offers, automatic property owners mailings,...

    Software Real Estate Profesional
  • New version 8.1

    In continuous evolution and improvement since 1995

    Software Real Estate Profesional
  • Professional Real Estate CRM with the most advanced features

    Customizable flyers and reports you can send by e-mail or print it

    CRM Inmobiliario profesional
  • Software Real Estate CRM

    Property management, contact management, export to real estate websites, sync with Google Calendar©,...

    Software Real Estate CRM
  • Automate your WordPress© Real Estate Website

    Sync your listings on your WordPress© website, MultiLinkCRM Is the perfect complement.

    CRM Inmobiliario en contínua evolución
  • Google Drive© photos and appointments synchronization

    Automatic upload your photos and appointmens to Google Drive© , access it from your smartphone.

    Totalmente integrado en Internet

CRM for Real Estate

NO monthly or yearly fees! Everything you need at the best price and without monthly payments (desktop version).

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MultiLinkCRM customized for your country
Available in localized versions for: Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

Fully configurable, you can adapt it to your business or country requirements.

And this is just an example, MultiLinkCRM includes all the software tools you need: property match alerts, customizable flyer generation, contact management, listings, export to real estate portals or your real estate website, you can update your own WordPress ™ website ( In verified templates), synchronize appointments with Google Drive ©, fully customizable mailings, mailing lists, seasonal / tourist rentals, etc, etc., a professional real estate CRM in continuous evolution and improvement from 1995.

Examples of flyer templates included in MultiLinkCRM

MultiLinkCRM is not free, but it is by far the Real Estate CRM with the best value for money you can find.

MultiLinkCRM is also available in online version, accessible from every Html5 web browser: Windows, Mac, Android, iPad,.. for more information please contact.

Do you need a real estate website? Choose among some of the most used WordPress ™ templates in the world such as RealHomes ™, RealPlaces ™, RealEstate ™, WPResidence ™ and MultiLinkCRM allows you to automate it.

How to automate your WordPress™ Website with MultiLinkCRM

Info videos (spanish):
VIDEO: vista general
VIDEO: Gestión de demandas con MultiLinkCRM
VIDEO: Publicar en portales inmobiliarios
VIDEO: Utilidades fichero de inmuebles
VIDEO: Demandas (encargos) de clientes
VIDEO: Módulo de gestión de inmuebles
VIDEO: Sistema avanzado de búsqueda de inmuebles

¿Quiere saber que es lo que hace MultiLinkCRM?
Como configurar una cuenta de GMAIL en MultiLinkCRM

MultiLinkCRM from 1995, a Real Estate CRM Software in continuous evolution and improvement.
Exportación de inmuebles al portal

Software inmobiliario MultiLinkCRM

MultiLinkCRM, a professional Real Estate CRM:

  • Customer deals
  • Automate your WordPress Website
  • Contacts and own listings
  • Property matchs and searchs
  • Fully configurable flyer generation
  • Sesonal rental management
  • Automatic update system
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Integration with Google Calendar©, conexión con FaceBook©, etc.
  • Export listings to websites like Kyero, OLX, Trovit,..

A real estate CRM that adapts to your business and to the particularities of the market of your country.

Multilink, Real Estate CRM

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